Putting – A Study In Loss Avoidance






Which requires more effort and concentration,  putting for birdie or putting for par? Do you try harder to make a birdie putt or a par putt? There is some fascinating, hard evidence that golfers try harder to make a par putt than a birdie putt. Compelling data supports this statement. Golf data geeks, you’ll love this.

In researching the topic of Loss Aversion, two University of Pennsylvania economists found that the game of golf gave them the perfect reference point for their study.  Their question was this:

Do golfers try harder to

  • putt to avoid a bogey or
  • putt to achieve a birdie

These economists, David Pope and Maurice Schweitzer, analyzed more than 2.5 million putts in exquisite detail. They found that golfers will try harder to make a par putt than to make a birdie putt. They concluded that Loss Aversion (avoiding a bogey) was more desirable than making a birdie putt.

What they found in this data was that whether the putt was easy or hard, and from any distance from the hole, golfers were more successful when putting for par than putting for a birdie. Fascinating.

They went on to conclude that golfers don’t make a conscious decision to slack off on our birdie putts. Our intense aversion to the loss of a stroke apparently spurs us to concentrate more on making par putts. In simple terms: we are more motivated to avoid loss than to achieve gain. Golf gives us a living laboratory to support that. Economists already knew it. Golf proved it.

Source: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

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Sierra View Country Club Builds New Golf Practice Range

There’s a new golf practice range in Roseville! Starting in August, 2016, Sierra View Country Club of Roseville broke ground on a brand new, totally reconstructed golf practice facility. The new driving range and short game practice area is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, 2016.

Prior to this remodel, the driving range was limited for the long hitters (over 250 yards) because of the housing that was built along Diamond Oaks, long after Sierra View was founded. With the new driving range, situated diagonally and capitalizing on the existing footprint of land, even the longest of hitters will not need to be concerned about over-hitting a range ball.

The plans call for enhanced distance markers, bunker practice areas, chipping to an elevated green, and pitching areas with various target goals. Post-construction plans include a covered area for the hottest of  the summer weather and video-assisted instruction bays.

You can follow the progress throughout September here:

and here:

and here:

Hot August Nights At Sierra View a Big Hit (Again)

Sierra View Country Club Hot August Nights

This year’s Hot August Nights was the best ever. We had nearly 70 cars, both vintage and classic parked around the fairways of Sierra View Country Club of Roseville. Guests enjoyed craft beer tasting with Lagunitas and California Brewery pouring their great beverages. Chef Tom Broxham wowed everyone with his BBQ skills. The band Rolling Heads provided live music and the dancing was great fun to watch. Give the Rolling Heads band a big old Like on their Facebook page.

Just like in past years, at the end of the evening the owners of the cars on display ask a guest to jump in the passenger seat for a parade of cars around the course. They stay on the cart paths, naturally. At that time of the day, the golf course is just about as pretty as it can be.

Watch this video of the event and make sure you know the date for the 2017 Hot August Night at Sierra View Country Club. It’s one of the highlights of the year.

Sierra View Women Golfers Support The Taylor House

ScreenHunter_1007 Mar. 13 15.37



The women of Sierra View Country Club have selected Roseville’s Taylor House as a recipient of donations collected at tournaments and meeting days.

The Taylor House is a special place that helps young women who are transitioning out of foster care. Girls are provided with a safe place to stay while they bridge to independent living.

Please read more about The Taylor House of Roseville at their website.

Sierra View Women Select One Flap Down Foundation

One Flap Down Foundation







The Sierra View Women’s Golf group has selected One Flap Down Foundation as the charity to support for their October 20, 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament. Whimsically titled, “Tee Off For Ta Tas,” this tournament gives local women golfers a chance to support a very worthwhile cause. Sierra View women are encouraged to invite up to three non-members to play in this fun tournament.

One Flap Down Foundation is a locally-based, non-profit, 100% volunteer organization dedicated to bringing day-to-day support, hope and help to struggling single parents battling cancer. The foundation was founded by retired San Francisco Giant Jeffrey Leonard and his wife, Karen.

When Karen’s daughter, a single parent, was struggling with stage 3 breast cancer while trying to raise three children, Karen realized the need to start a foundation to bring help to her daughter and others in the same situation. Help comes in the form of meals, housekeeping, laundry and transportation.

Sierra View Women’s Golf members: Please save the date on your calendar and start inviting your golfing friends to save the date, too. The format will be breakfast at 7:30, an 8:30 shotgun start, with lunch and raffle prizes following.  Cost is $46 to ride, $30 to walk.

Boys Of Summer Eagles Tribute Concert

The Boys of Summer Eagles Tribute Band




Sierra View Members: Invite your friends and guests to join you for the Boys of Summer Concert at Sierra View Country Club on Saturday, October 3rd. Back by popular demand for their third performance at SVCC, this Eagles Tribute Band will take you on a trip down memory lane with some of the greatest of the Eagles hits, like:

  • Hotel California
  • Best of My Love
  • Desperado
  • Get Over It
  • Heartache Tonight
  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • Take it Easy
  • Take it to the Limit
  • and more!

We challenge you to stay seated through the entire evening while your friends are non-stop dancing (one year the band jammed until midnight).  This concert is considered the best of the concert series.

Dinner starts at 6:00 followed by the band at 7:00.  Cost is $45 per person and the menu looks simply amazing. Weather permitting, the event will be held outdoors. If it rains, we’ll be wildly overjoyed to move the venue indoors. (Remember what rain sounds like, looks like, smells like?)

People are already putting tables of eight together, so get your act together, get your reservation booked (call 916-783-4600 ext 3), and we’ll see you there!


Aloha Shamble September 4 – Invite Your Friends!

Aloha Golf Shamble

Bring your friends to the 2015 Aloha Shamble for 9 holes of great twilight golf and dinner, Friday, September 4 at 5:30.  Guests are always invited for these Friday twilight golf events, so reach out to your friends and neighbors, tell them about how much fun we have at Sierra View, and bring them along.  And if your guests don’t have established handicaps, no worries. This is “just for fun” golf.

The cost is only $5 per guest or per member, and the golf cart fee is reduced to only $6 per rider! Why walk in the heat of the day when you can ride for only $6? Following the 9 hole round of golf, come in to the dining room and order off the now-famous Taco Menu.

The format is a 5:30 shotgun start for a four person shamble, which is always a barrel of laughs. Nobody takes it too seriously, although there will be prizes awarded. If you don’t already have a foursome, sign up as a single or two-some and the pro shop will make pairings.

Sierra View Members: Sign up by 9:00 am on Thursday, September 3 to guarantee your spot in this fun event. Members can use the ForeTees online system or call the Golf Shop.

Hot August Nights – Invite Your Friends

Hot August Nights Sierra View Country Club

Sierra View Country Club Members: Invite your friends to join you at the 2015 Hot August Nights classic cars event. The date is August 22, from 4:30 to 9:00. Inspect the classic cars (like this vintage Corvette, all dolled up like it’s at the A&W Drive-In), enjoy the wine tasting, feast at the buffet, rock to the music of Boomer, and cheer at twilight as the classic cars cruise around the paths of the golf course. Yes, they are all in cruise condition!

This event is one of the highlights of the summer every year so get your reservation in right away.  Members, call 916-783-4600 by August 17th to get your spot reserved.

This is the 8th Annual occurrence of Hot August Nights at Sierra View. Photos from the 2014 Hot August Nights event can be viewed in the Timeline of the SVCC Facebook Page.

August Greens Report from Kyle Dykstra

We are almost to the half way point of summer and overall it has been a fairly normal summer weather wise. We have had several heat waves but they only lasted a few days at a time, which the grass can handle. In June we had eleven 100 degree days and in July we had 12. Our Bermuda grass fairways love the heat and so far we have had just enough heat to keep them in great shape.

This past month we did less work on the golf course because we had a couple of Monday tournaments, several member events and an employee holiday that was observed on Monday, July 6th.

In the first half of July we fertilized all the fairways, tees, green surrounds and approaches. We continue to spray a wetting agent in those same areas to help with water retention and penetration. We have been going around and checking the consistency of all the bunkers to make sure we have the right amount of sand in the right spots.

July 13 we small tine aerified all the greens. We did this with our aerifier and tines that are ¼ inch in diameter and go down about four inches deep. This is a very common practice in between our normal spring and fall aerifications. It allows much needed air to reach the roots and it relieves compaction. We roll the greens right after they are aerified and after a couple of days you can hardly notice the holes.

One maintenance practice we changed this past month was to brush the greens everyday instead of every other day. The brushes rest on the front of the cutting units of the mower and when you lower the cutting units down to mow, the brushes brush up the grass in front of the units to get a tighter cut. This smooths the greens out, makes them more consistent and increases ball speed. This is especially important when you have two different grasses, poa and bent, like we do. The bent likes to lay down and by brushing it we are promoting a more up right growth pattern. We started brushing the greens about four years ago and we were not sure if they could handle the added stress of brushing everyday. At this point we feel our greens can handle it and will continue to brush everyday until winter.

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer and it is hard to believe this time next month the kids will already be back in school.

July Greens Report from Kyle Dykstra

Sierra View Greens Report
Here is the greens report for July. The golf course survived another Acorn Invitational. The weather was good and the course stayed in great shape for all three days. We are officially into summer and that means it is going to be quite hot for the next three or four months. We hired a summer water attendant to go around and water specific dry spots in the fairways and primary roughs. This allows us to minimize night time watering times so that the course stays firm and consistent. It also allows us to save water.

Out on the course, we edged all the cart paths. We raised low sprinkler heads that have settled over the years so that they can operate at maximum efficiency and trimmed low branches on our trees that are impacting the sprinklers. We sodded traffic areas along the cart paths. So far, this has been completed on holes 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17.

On June 22nd, we verticut and sand top-dressed all greens. We edged bunkers, curbs, ball washers and along walls. We also applied extra fertilizer on #5 green to help it recover more quickly from ball marks. To the right of hole #13, we are excavating our seasonal lake so that it can hold more water during the winter. For political reasons, I like to call this lake our ground water rejuvenation lake.

With the heat upon us, I would like to send out a friendly reminder about the native Blue Oaks on our property. They become very brittle in the heat and perfectly healthy branches can fall without warning. It typically occurs in the afternoon and so far we have already lost four branches. Please be extra conscience when parking or walking under these trees. We hope everyone has a great summer and we will see you on the course.

Congratulations, too, to Dave Westlake and Bob Sullivan for June Holes in One!