August Greens Report from Kyle Dykstra

We are almost to the half way point of summer and overall it has been a fairly normal summer weather wise. We have had several heat waves but they only lasted a few days at a time, which the grass can handle. In June we had eleven 100 degree days and in July we had 12. Our Bermuda grass fairways love the heat and so far we have had just enough heat to keep them in great shape.

This past month we did less work on the golf course because we had a couple of Monday tournaments, several member events and an employee holiday that was observed on Monday, July 6th.

In the first half of July we fertilized all the fairways, tees, green surrounds and approaches. We continue to spray a wetting agent in those same areas to help with water retention and penetration. We have been going around and checking the consistency of all the bunkers to make sure we have the right amount of sand in the right spots.

July 13 we small tine aerified all the greens. We did this with our aerifier and tines that are ┬╝ inch in diameter and go down about four inches deep. This is a very common practice in between our normal spring and fall aerifications. It allows much needed air to reach the roots and it relieves compaction. We roll the greens right after they are aerified and after a couple of days you can hardly notice the holes.

One maintenance practice we changed this past month was to brush the greens everyday instead of every other day. The brushes rest on the front of the cutting units of the mower and when you lower the cutting units down to mow, the brushes brush up the grass in front of the units to get a tighter cut. This smooths the greens out, makes them more consistent and increases ball speed. This is especially important when you have two different grasses, poa and bent, like we do. The bent likes to lay down and by brushing it we are promoting a more up right growth pattern. We started brushing the greens about four years ago and we were not sure if they could handle the added stress of brushing everyday. At this point we feel our greens can handle it and will continue to brush everyday until winter.

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer and it is hard to believe this time next month the kids will already be back in school.

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