Fifty Shades of Green?


OK, this is a cheap trick to capitalize on the popular movie, but I’ll bet you don’t know how many varieties of trees are found on Sierra View Country Club’s golf course. The answer is at the end of this post.

Golf course managers inventory trees on the courses they care for, with plans for future pruning and replacement. You’d be amazed at how many different trees you play in and around and among on our course. For me, I’ve stuck every one of them. At lunch with a friend yesterday, she remarked that during a recent round she hit four trees with a negative yardage consequence on each one! Every day is “Arbor Day,” she added.

Recently, a large branch from the tree that guards the approach shot from the left on number six was removed. We heard a loud and boisterous hooray from all of us who have exclaimed, “It didn’t go through” on that approach shot. Yes, we lament those truly infamous trees that add strokes to our scores. But think about what Sierra View’s golf course would be like without those fifty shades of green?

Imagine how Sierra View looked in the early 50’s when it was first opened. All of the trees were either native to the property and fully grown (and I’ve seen the footage…there weren’t that many mature trees) or saplings. Imagine for a moment how deathly hot it was for those early members, when the temperature was 105 in July or August, trying to crouch in the smidgen of shade offered by a two-year-old red bud tree.

I checked with Kyle Dykstra who is responsible for the amazingly wonderful conditions of our golf course in all kinds of weather and through all the seasons of the year. The answer to the question is 40. Forty shades of green. There you have it.

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