Hot August Nights At Sierra View a Big Hit (Again)

Sierra View Country Club Hot August Nights

This year’s Hot August Nights was the best ever. We had nearly 70 cars, both vintage and classic parked around the fairways of Sierra View Country Club of Roseville. Guests enjoyed craft beer tasting with Lagunitas and California Brewery pouring their great beverages. Chef Tom Broxham wowed everyone with his BBQ skills. The band Rolling Heads provided live music and the dancing was great fun to watch. Give the Rolling Heads band a big old Like on their Facebook page.

Just like in past years, at the end of the evening the owners of the cars on display ask a guest to jump in the passenger seat for a parade of cars around the course. They stay on the cart paths, naturally. At that time of the day, the golf course is just about as pretty as it can be.

Watch this video of the event and make sure you know the date for the 2017 Hot August Night at Sierra View Country Club. It’s one of the highlights of the year.

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