July Greens Report from Kyle Dykstra

Sierra View Greens Report
Here is the greens report for July. The golf course survived another Acorn Invitational. The weather was good and the course stayed in great shape for all three days. We are officially into summer and that means it is going to be quite hot for the next three or four months. We hired a summer water attendant to go around and water specific dry spots in the fairways and primary roughs. This allows us to minimize night time watering times so that the course stays firm and consistent. It also allows us to save water.

Out on the course, we edged all the cart paths. We raised low sprinkler heads that have settled over the years so that they can operate at maximum efficiency and trimmed low branches on our trees that are impacting the sprinklers. We sodded traffic areas along the cart paths. So far, this has been completed on holes 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17.

On June 22nd, we verticut and sand top-dressed all greens. We edged bunkers, curbs, ball washers and along walls. We also applied extra fertilizer on #5 green to help it recover more quickly from ball marks. To the right of hole #13, we are excavating our seasonal lake so that it can hold more water during the winter. For political reasons, I like to call this lake our ground water rejuvenation lake.

With the heat upon us, I would like to send out a friendly reminder about the native Blue Oaks on our property. They become very brittle in the heat and perfectly healthy branches can fall without warning. It typically occurs in the afternoon and so far we have already lost four branches. Please be extra conscience when parking or walking under these trees. We hope everyone has a great summer and we will see you on the course.

Congratulations, too, to Dave Westlake and Bob Sullivan for June Holes in One!

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