November Golf News

Sixth Green

November Greens Report from Kyle Dykstra

Though the weather has been above normal for this time of year, it made for perfect growing conditions for our aerified greens and overseeded areas. Warm days and cool nights allowed the greens to recover in about a week. We saw newly planted ryegrass germinating in five days. Overall, I feel the overseeding was a success. Also, having a contractor seed the fairways with his special machine really paid off. We got better germination, used less water, fairways came in thicker and we used about two tons less seed, a significant savings. After two weeks of growing, we mowed the fairways at 3/4 of an inch. Our normal summer time mowing height is 1/2 inch.  Starting next week we will lower the height to 5/8  inch and leave it there until March.  Last week all the seeded areas were fertilized.   The only thing left to do is to spray the new seed with a growth regulator that will slow down the top growth and encourage the grass to grow more horizontally. This will help to create a denser playing surface, until the Bermuda grass comes back out of dormancy in the spring.

Since we were not doing much mowing while the new grass was establishing, we had time to get other jobs done on the golf course. We leveled and re-sodded around the practice green by the pro shop. We used ryegrass on the collar and tall fescue around the perimeter. We edged all of the cart paths. We have also been going around and cutting tree roots that are out competing with the grass for water and nutrients. We have done this around all the greens and tees and now are expanding it to some of the trees that are very close to the fairways. We believe this will allow us to cut back on our hard watering in those areas and in turn, save water and provide a more consistent playing surface.

We leveled the collar on the right side of the green on hole #17 and the left side of hole #1. We have sprayed all the tree wells and landscape areas with a pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent new weeds from germinating.

Hopefully you have time to enjoy the course before, we hope, the wet weather comes. Thanks for allowing us to close the course for four days to get all of our work done in a more efficient and timely manner. Have a great fall and we will see you on the course.


Golf Course Etiquette tips from Head Pro, Jim Salazar

  • Safety: Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any debris, which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
  • Consideration for other players: No one should move, talk or stand close to, or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Pace of play: In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
  • Holes in bunkers: Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints.
  • Damage to Greens – Flagsticks, Bags, etc: Players should ensure that when laying down golf bags or the flagstick, no damage is done to the putting green and that neither they, nor their playing partners, damage the hole by standing too close to it, or in handling the flagstick, or in removing the ball from the hole.
  • Golf carts: Course rules allow for carts to use the 90 degree rule from cart paths, but not to be driven within 30 feet of any green or tee when not on path. Pull carts also need to remain off all tee boxes and at least 10 feet from any green. Never pull carts between green side bunkers and green.            .
  • Damage through Practice Swings: In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, particularly the tees, by making divots. 




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