Rose Cup Won by Sierra View… Again!

Rose Cup 2014
Sierra View Men Win Rose Cup…Again!

Sierra View Takes the Rose Cup

The Rose Cup Tournament, known locally for its fun and genial atmosphere, was won by Sierra View Country Club golfers for the fifth straight year! Rose Cup teams are comprised of twelve golfers representing these Placer County golf courses: Sierra View Country Club, Diamond Oaks Golf Course, Timber Creek Golf Course, and Woodcreek Golf Course. Diamond Oaks was the host course this year, held on November 8, 2014. It was the seventh year that Sierra View golfers have taken the top prize in the Rose Cup, with Head Pro Jim Salazar being part of the tournament for the seventh time. Jim played on day one, and had his assistant Pro, Walt Thompson, lead the team to victory on day two.

Each of the four teams color coordinated their polo shirts, with the Sierra View men wearing red shirts bearing a logo that resembled the Ryder Cup logo. The red shirts won handily with a 53.5 point total for the two days. The black shirt team, Woodcreek Golf Course, came in second with 45.5 points. Diamond Oaks, wearing blue polos, finished in fourth with 44.5 points, and the purple Timber Creek team finished last at 36.5 points.

The format is the same each year, with the first of the two days devoted to team play. This year, Sierra View scored 19.5 points on day one. Over the two days, these four Sierra View County Club golfers won the maximum of eight points each: John Donahue, who just recently became a member of Sierra View, John Arizcuren, Gary Colquhoun, and Gary Wendell. What a performance! Also on Sierra View’s team were Steve Lee, Frank Luna, Jack McCann, Bill Hooper, Ben Lillibridge, Bob Sullivan, Randy Rasmussen.

Head Pro, Jim Salazar, was asked why he thinks the Sierra View team continues to take the Rose Cup year after year. His answer was, “Maybe our guys are playing more.”

Sierra View Country Club members couldn’t be more proud of how their team performed. Congratulations to all of the players for upholding the tradition of the Rose Cup, a day of sportsmanship and a lot of good fun.

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