Golfers Walking Sierra View Country Club

Walk, if you are physically able, any time you play a golf course that is walkable.

According to The Walking Golfer, the benefits of walking while playing golf are many. Here is a recap.

  • You will burn nearly twice as many calories vs riding
  • You will score better than your partners who ride
  • You will socialize with your teammates more
  • You will experience the full beauty of the course, from tee to green
  • You will have time to think strategically about your next shot as you walk to your ball
  • You will win kudos from your course managers because your impact on the turf is much less than a golf cart
  • You will save money
  • Walking clears your mind and helps you think rationally. (Cicero taught his college classes while walking.)
  • Walking is the way golf was intended to be played. Ask the Scots!

There is a great comment posted on The Walking Golfer Society website. It tells the story of a 90 year old man who, while walking and golfing, was asked his age by a younger golfer who was riding in a cart. When the old man told the younger man his age, the younger man responded saying he hoped he would be in just as great shape at the age of 90. With that, the old man answered, “Then get out of the cart!”

Walkers at Sierra View Country Club include golf as part of their fitness program. Over 15,000 steps can be accomplished walking the 18 holes. (More, if you play like I do…). Since many people are shooting for getting in at least 10,000 steps a day, walking 18 holes more than meets the goal.

The pros walk, junior golfers walk, so should we whenever we can. And that doesn’t mean you have to carry your clubs. Push carts are a god-send and the motorized cart is great for courses that are hilly.

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