Five reasons to join a country club

Sierra View members, as we launch the 2015 spring membership campaign, let’s keep in mind the reasons we joined Sierra View and why our friends should join, too. For many of us, it’s the “Club” in Country Club that eventually becomes the biggest reason. But until you have joined, you may not know why people join a country club. How about these reasons:

For golfers, it’s Conditions. Most private country clubs keep their course in pristine condition and Sierra View certainly meets that requirement. Playing a course that is in good condition improves your golfing skills, too, as you are playing the way golf was meant to be played. on lush fairways and greens.

For golfers, it’s┬áTime. If you value your time, pace of play is the next reason to join a country club. Members of a country club have an emotional and personal investment in making sure the quality of the experience is good for themselves and others. Members of a country club want fellow members to know they are pace-conscious. Pace of play is almost guaranteed to be on target at a country club. Public golf course rounds are typically one hour longer than at private courses. Time matters.

For golfing, tennis or social members, it’s Friendship. That’s the “Club” in Country Club. The country club experience creates a special circle of friendships and camaraderie that you can’t find anywhere else. Walking in the clubhouse lounge and feeling at home means a lot. And as members age, this group becomes more and more important. Members care.

Options. Most country clubs have a variety of membership categories. Prospective members should seek out the membership category that best suits their pocket book and needs. Many country club members start out as social members, and finding that they enjoy the other aspects of the club, evolve into full memberships. The social membership gives a family a great way to experience many of the benefits of membership, with dining and events that are very special.

The Niceties. When the server in the lounge remembers your beverage preference, when the golf pro offers you a suggestion on the driving range, when you know you can leave your wallet at home, when the golf shop shuttles you out to the parking lot to retrieve your clubs, when your children or grandchildren order snacks poolside, these are the little things that keep members happy and involved.

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