Junior Golf Program

Sierra View Country Club is proud to help promote the next generation of golfers.  We design our junior programs in conjunction with the American Development Model (ADM) and Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).  These models are the proven world leaders in youth athlete development and take a holistic approach to developing the next generation of athletes.  The ADM and LTAD models believe in specific objectives for different age groups and encourage youth athletes to participate in multiple sports in order to learn and develop the proper motor skills & functions for golf and other sports.  Our junior programs will effectively guide your aspiring golfer through all the stages of the American Development Model.   We currently offer three different class levels for your junior golfer.

Active Start / Fundamentals

Ages 3-7
In the Active Start/Fundamentals series, juniors will learn how to be come more proficient in basic movement skills. These basic movement skills are the foundation for athletic development and will ensure that children acquire movement skills that help them build towards more complex movements. Students will practice becoming more proficient in basic movement skills before more sport–specific skills are introduced. Classes will be designed to help children feel successful and comfortable while participating in an assortment of fun and challenging games and activities. The Active Start/Fundamentals series is a great place for your junior to be introduced to the golf environment and the ABC’s of athleticism: agility, balance, coordination, and speed.

Learn to Play / Play to Improve

Ages 7-13
In the Learn to Play/Play to Improve series, juniors will build upon the foundational movement skills acquired in the Active Start/Fundamentals series. New movement skills such as hopping, bounding and change of direction movements will be introduced. In the Learn to Play/Play to Improve series, juniors will be introduced to fundamental golf skills. An emphasis will be placed on getting your child familiar with the fundamentals of golf as well as to provide an outlet for developmentally appropriate competition. Mental skills such as focus, and visualization will be covered, and students will also learn basic stretching and aerobic exercise.

Play to Compete

Ages 14+
In the Play to Compete series, juniors will take the next steps in their athletic & golf development. Juniors who are now proficient at performing basic and sport specific skills will learn strategies to perform those skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training. Training will become more individualized at this stage in the junior’s development, focusing on modeling competition in training activities, developing specific skill sets, and furthering mental strategies for peak performance. This is the perfect series for a junior looking to begin competing in the game of golf, or to take their competitive performance to the next level.


Cost is $15 per session or $60 for all sessions, maximum 6 students per session.


Sessions are for golf members of Sierra View Country Club only. For more information about golf, contact Head Golf Professional Jim Salazar at 916-783-4601 or jsalazar@pga.com. Or email our Membership Director Mark Harris at mharris@sierraviewcc.com.

Meet the Coaches:

Jim Salazar

Jim Salazar played golf and basketball in high school in Carson City, Nevada then attended American River College for two years before accepting a full ride basketball scholarship to Eastern Montana College. At Eastern, Jim continued to play both sports and earned his Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Communications. During his summer breaks, he started working in the golf business. First, he started as a greens crew member, then as a marshal, then as a starter and finally as an assistant professional in 1984 under Jon Wright at Lake Hills Golf Club in Billings, Montana. Jim started his career at Sierra View Country Club in 1985 working for Bill Brooks as his first assistant and eventually became the Head Professional in 1989. During his career, Jim has influenced the golf games of thousands of members and junior golfers.

Teaching Theory

After thirty-six years of professional teaching and coaching Jim’s golf philosophy continues to evolve as current concepts, data, training, and equipment change creating new opportunities for learning and improvement! The goal is to make all aspects of the game simple, efficient, and fun.

Turned Pro in 1984
Became member of the PGA in 1988
NCPGA education committee 1991-2001
Guest Instructor Norwegian Cruise Lines 1992-1995
NCPGA Horton Smith award winner in 1995 & 2001
Inducted into Sacramento golf hall of fame 2018
TPI level one certified 2020



Chris Galvin
Experience & Credentials

  • PGA Class A Member (elected to membership 2006)
  • 2018 NCPGA Assistant Golf Professional of the Year
  • TPI Level 1 Certified
  • PGA Coach Certified
  • Abuse Prevention Systems Certified
  • ADM Certified
  • NCPGA Assistant-Associate Division Co-Chairman

Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy working with students of all ages and skill levels.  I have a passion for working with junior golfers and helping guide them through the different stages of their athletic and golf development.  I especially enjoy teaching the short game, as I believe that is the quickest way to lowering your scores and becoming a better golfer.  I always strive to stay up to date on all the latest teaching & coaching strategies & technology.  Through my own physical fitness journey, I have learned how important physical fitness is for the golf swing, as well as life in general!  Through education and training I have developed an increased awareness for proper movement patterns as they relate to the golf swing, and more importantly, your improvement!

Randy Colbus
Experience & Credentials

PGA Assistant Golf Professional
Callaway Master Club Fitter
2007 worldwide top 100 Club Fitter
2009-2016 Senior Director of Retail Golf Store Operation for Golf Smith International
2004 through 2008; Co-owned and operated a Independent retail Golf Store which specialized in Club fitting.

Teaching Philosophy:
I enjoy working with Golfers of all ages and skill levels and believe that an implementation of strong fundamentals with proper angles promotes increased, movement, balance and leverage in the swing motion. I don’t believe in teaching every person the same way, with the same replicated swing. It is my goal to help you develop your skills to the level and enjoyment you are looking for. There are countless differentiated ways to help you enjoy the game and improve your swing. I find it particularly beneficial to focus on targeted stretching exercises and video feedback. Video training plays an important role of providing clear, visual feedback where I can help you target specific areas to improve your game. I feel that technology can have a positive instructive impact on the golf swing, so I include both video feedback as well as trackman data where applicable.