Join Sierra View Women Golfers

  • Thank you for joining the most fabulous women's golf group in Northern California (or maybe in the whole world). This form is for you if you have an active GHIN. If you do not have an active GHIN, please close this form and see Jim Salazar in the Pro Shop who will assign your GHIN and help you fill out a paper application.

    . If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Co-Chairperson, Sheila Cardno at sheila.cardno@gmail, or text her at 916-761-9747.
  • Your membership fee for joining Sierra View Women Golfers will appear on your next statement from Sierra View Country Club.

    The next person you will hear from will be our Membership Chairperson who will provide you with a calendar of events and a membership roster. She will also help you connect with a Big Sister.

    Click the Submit button to complete your application. Thank you for joining Sierra View Women Golfers.