What Empty Nesters Want in a Private Club

Empty Nesters represent a significant percentage of the members in private golf and tennis clubs They are couples whose offspring have sprung the nest, hence the term. In terms of age, they are typically 50 years old or better. All private golf and tennis clubs are eager to attract this demographic, as they have more flexibility, more free time, often have the financial means to join a private club for the first time in their lives. And they know they’ve earned the right to do something really nice for themselves.

When Empty Nesters were raising their kids, they didn’t have a block of spare hours to get in a round of golf. Now they have the time! This is finally your time to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Here are the things our Empty Nester members say are important.


  • Pro shop personnel who warmly welcome you and your guests.
  • Pro shop personnel who have your clubs ready when you arrive, or help you transfer your clubs from your car to the pro shop.
  • Wait staff who greet you by name and know your account number.
  • Management with an open door policy who welcome your input.


  • At a private club, you can decide at the last minute to jump on the online tee sheet, join a group or play alone. Maybe you had a business meeting cancel in the afternoon and want to get in a few holes or a complete round.

Social Connections

  • Expand your circle of acquaintances beyond your work colleagues. A private club embraces you into your new “tribe” who will likely continue to be your social circle in retirement.
  • A private club gives you a sense of belonging that is difficult to create at public clubs.
  • For many members, the clubhouse becomes a second home.


  • Leave your wallet and credit card at home. Cash is unnecessary at a private club.
  • One statement at the end of the month, categorized by your family members.


  • Play as often as you like.
  • Play full rounds or short rounds.

Think about it: isn’t this your chance to finally focus on YOU!

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