A New Campaign to Grow The Game of Golf

The National Golf Foundation is helping spearhead a movement to encourage all golfers to invite their women family members or friends to take up the game of golf. You can search for posts and blogs using #inviteHER to get ideas about which approaches work best. The big untapped market is women – and as one golf professional told us, “We love to see women come to our course. They play fast and they spend money in the pro shop!”

As Jane Geddes said in the article referenced below, “The driving force behind the campaign is the fact that many women feel as if golf is not a game for them. Despite that flawed notion, women’s interest in the game is there.”

Read the entire article, get inspired, and if you haven’t invited a women to take up golf, do it now! She’s waiting to hear from you.

Photo Credit: The National Golf Foundation

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