SVCC Women’s Golf Encourages All Levels

It’s not unusual for women golfers to feel intimidated, especially if they are just learning the game. Any woman considering joining a private golf club should ask about the strength of its women’s group, how it embraces and encourages women, and how much the club supports the group.

The Sierra View Women Golfers (SVWG) is the largest and most active group of women golfers in Northern California with 144 members. The youngest member is 45 years of age, and the oldest member is…wait for it…94! The range of handicaps is wide too. The lowest index hovers around zero, highest is well above 40. All skill levels and all ages are fully embraced in the women’s golf group. Our women play lightning fast, play often, and laugh a lot. The club lets the women take over the entire course every Tuesday morning.

Other private and public golf clubs in Northern California marvel at the strength of Sierra View’s women’s group. We attribute part of its success to the support of the generous Sierra View men, who happily volunteer for all the women’s tournaments: they run our para mutuel betting table and serve us in a variety of ways. We think that’s pretty unique.

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